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Wedding Frequently Asked Questions


Why hire a professional wedding photographer from Ballarat?

Occasionally we are lucky enough to know a friend or family member who has a good DSLR camera and may have had some experience with photography at family parties before.

So they would do a pretty good job photographing a wedding right?

Not necessarily. . .

Would you trust a friend who occasionally cooks a good meal to organise the wedding reception catering for 100 wedding guests? Or a friend who knows a litte about sewing to create an incredible wedding gown?  

It's leaving a lot to chance isn't it? Wedding photography can only be captured once, and it is the photographs that are taken on the day that you will re-visit over and over, to remind you of your special day.

Professional photographers are well equipped to capture each stage of the day. They have learnt how to pose images of wedding couples, to capture images quickly and professionally, and know how to tackle tight spaces and tricky weather conditions.

So, in knowing and appreciating the importance of good wedding photography, you are basically deciding to value every moment of your wedding day through photography.

How do I know if I am choosing a really good wedding photographer?

Talk to the photographer about your wedding day needs before deciding. Ask yourself if they seem to genuinely care about your day.  Are they flexible with their packages and can you relate to them? You should be able to view images on their website to gain an appreciation of their style. I would describe my photography style as a mixture of classic, artistic and candid.

Are your wedding photography packages flexible?

All wedding photography packages can be altered to suit your needs.  After an initial meeting where you can view some samples of albums and products we can then refine the wedding package options for cutom photography quotes if required.

Why don’t some wedding photographers provide bridal couples with digital negatives and you do?

Professional photographers choose to use a professional photographic labs to print their images. This way, they maintain a high level of print quality, and represent the photographs accurately and to show their work in the best possible way.
At Bibo Photography we would love to print your images for you, but if you would prefer to do it yourself, that is fine by us too. We believe that it is your choice to do so. They are your wedding photos after all and we trust that you will use and enjoy the images appropriately.

What is the benefit of having the wedding photographs printed by Bibo Photography, rather than doing it myself?

Bibo Photography can monitor and maintain a high standard of printing if you order images through us. All of our images are printed at a professional photographic lab that uses state of the art printing machines and archival quality papers. If you choose to print the images at a regular lab the image quality may differ. All photography packages offered include some professioanlly printed wedding images to display in your home.

What cameras do you use?

We use Nikon DSLR cameras (digital) with high quality professional lenses. All of our equipment is professional photographic equipment.

How do we book?

The first step is to check the availability for your wedding date. Photography services are secured by paying a booking fee of $750 towards the package of your choice, within 14 days after asking us to secure a wedding date for you.

When do we have to pay for the wedding photography package?

Two payments are required before the wedding day. The booking fee and a final payment 6 weeks before your wedding day. These payments can be made either by cash or direct deposit into our bank account.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel your wedding photography booking, all payments shall be returned except the non-refundable booking fee.  If your wedding is to be rescheduled, the entire money can be used to secure an alternative, mutually agreeable wedding date.

Do you travel to most areas?

Absolutely. We enjoy traveling to new locations that we have never been to before. We do not charge travel expenses to most areas, however if we need to travel to a regional area traveling costs and accommodation fees may apply.  Weddings in Ballarat and many areas wihtin Victoria, are covered within our photography packages.

How long does it take to see our wedding photographs?

Each wedding image requires individual editing and a wedding photo collection usually takes between 10 - 12 weeks. Album creation takes an additional 4-6 weeks after choosing your selected images. Many clients images are delivered much earlier than this and it is entirely dependent on the workload at the time.

How many photographs will be taken on our wedding day?

There are no restrictions on the number of wedding images delivered in your wedding photo collection. We believe that capping the amount of images would stifle our creativity. A typical wedding, with a standard coverage would include 700 + images.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.